(Video) Al Qaeda Restocks It’s Weapons Supply, When You Find Out Who Paid For Them, You’ll Be Livid!!


It seems demand for U.S. supplied heavy artillery and ammunition is strong, and that Al Qaeda may have sold their entire supply.  A few weeks ago, Al Qaeda was advertising they had “CIA” and “Pentagon” supplied weapons for sale on Facebook and although Facebook removed the pages, it’s wide reach probably helped boost sales.

Don’t worry though Al Qaeda has been through a weapons shortage before and they know just where to get exactly what they need.  It’s being reported that Al Qaeda has taken over bases and stolen weapons from Division 13 of the Free Syrian Army (FSA has been U.S.-backed since 2011) .  Anti-tank missiles, armored vehicles, a tank and other weapons were seized and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the FSA had received weapons, training and money from the U.S. government.

Thank you American Taxpayer, it’s so generous of you to arm just about everyone who’s fighting in the Middle East!


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