(Video) The Message That Establishment Elites Sent Nikki Haley To Deliver


Rush Limbaugh has put into words what most conservatives and libertarians have known for years and Nikki Haley was the person chosen to deliver the bad news.  Haley’s response wasn’t an attack on Hussein Obama and his failure as president but was an attack on the front-runners of the GOP and the conservative base.

The establishment republicans used Haley to tell us who is and isn’t qualified to be president as if we’re too stupid to be trusted with this decision.  Limbaugh said,

 “This is, to me, one of the greatest bits of evidence that the Republican Party is not just anti-conservative, but it is very much pro-elite,” he said. “It is a club that they don’t want a whole lot of people joining,” even though Trump has put together a coalition of supporters that is exactly what the Republican Party claims it wants.

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