Video…77 Year Old Florida Toll Booth Worker Fired For Paying $5 Drivers Toll


A beloved Florida toll booth worker was fired after nearly 30 years of service for paying a driver’s $5 toll.

A 77-year-old veteran was fired from his job working at a Florida tollbooth after his superiors asked him to take a reduced role when they found out he paid a driver’s $5 toll out of his own pocket.

Vladislav ‘Sam’ Samsonov of Boca Grande declined the offer by the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority to scale back his days to two instead of five and was terminated from his position.

Samsonov had been working at the Boca Grande Causeway for 29 years and it was not the first time he had used his own money if a driver didn’t have enough cash or if there had been a mistake.


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