(Video) Obama And The Left Not Hiding Their Hatred For America Anymore



Such a perfect description of what has happened in the past week.  Each day goes by and it’s hard to believe the hatred Obama and the liberals have for America could actually reach a higher level.  But it does, with each terrorist attack, they become more angry that their plan isn’t working.

If you were online, you could watch it happening in real-time, as the early confident predictions of white redneck Christian-fascist shooters – complete with wish casting about the distance to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic – gave way to the realization it was another jihad attack.

At that moment, political necessity, opportunism, and deep-rooted prejudice combined to send raging lightning storms of defective neurons hissing and crackling through every liberal’s mind.  The actual killers blurred out of existence in the mind’s eye of the Left, until they saw only guns floating in midair, firing themselves at people who… well, let’s be blunt: liberals are working hard on some narratives about how the victims had it coming, and the jihadi couple were the real victims.


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