Video…444 and God’s Chilling Warning!!! Wait Until You See What It Might Mean For All of Us and People Are Literally Seeing It Everywhere!!!


It has come to my attention that people are seeing the number sequence 444 in dreams, visions, on their clocks, license plates, receipt totals, and everywhere! The people who are experiencing this ‘numeric phenomenon’ are left with a feeling that God is trying to tell them something or that there is some spiritual significance to upcoming events in regards to this numeric sequence. Even I have been seeing it from time to time!

There is a fine line between numerology and relating certain numbers to the Bible. Also, we know that God has many ways of speaking to us. God is a genius, including the worlds top mathematician. After all, He is the creator of everything!

According to scripture, He has numbered our days, months, steps, our wanderings, the stars, and even our hair.  For example, He numbers the days in the planetary movement, along with pregnancy gestations in man and beasts.  Even the entire universe is mathematically structured and ordered. (Job 14:5; 14:16; Psa 56:8; Psa 90:12; Psa 147:4, Matt 10:30) When God mentions timing, He speaks of seasons, years, months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds.  When God uses numbers, sometimes they represent a period of time or even a date.

So when we begin having a number or a series of numbers appear over and over again in our lives, we might want to take note and at least pray about it.

Prophecy fulfilled?

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