(Video) What Is This Flying Object Above Kosovo??

Pic shows: The UFO.nnA bizarre flying object which was videoed by a local man has caused heated debate after it was published in the media.nnThe video was shot by a man in the village of Budakovo near Suva Reka in Kosovo.nnHe then sent the images which he had taken on his mobile phone to the local Kosovo "Ekspres" newspaper claiming to have seen a UFO.nnThe man said that the object had been spiralling around and he had managed to zoom in on it using his camera's magnifying function which showed it was not an aircraft or drown.nnOnce it was published the footage attracted heated debate with some people saying it looked more like a parachute spiralling down to earth in the UFO.nnHowever the video footage shooter insisted that the object eventually vanished by going upwards, not downwards.nnLocal officials have not commented on the incident.nn(ends)nn

Local officials haven’t commented on this incident (which makes it very suspicious) that occurred in the southern part of the country near the village of Budakovo, Kosovo.  So far, no one knows what it is.

The man who filmed this footage initially thought it was a drone or an aircraft but after using his camera’s zoom lens, decided it wasn’t.  The footage is causing heated debate on social media with some people saying it looks like a parachute.

What’d you think?

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