(Video) What Donald Rumsfeld Just Said About The Bushes Will Have Jeb Whining To His Mommy!!

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is seen at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting on August 3, 2006 on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Lauren Victoria Burke)

Donald Rumsfeld has been involved with politics longer than most of us have been alive, so when he speaks about the candidates currently in the presidential race, people listen.  Rumsfeld served in the Navy, was a four-term congressman and was Secretary of Defense under two presidents, meaning he knows how the system works, (or doesn’t), and who the players really are.

In an interview this morning he says that this election year is amazing and different than most, or all, before.  He says Trump has touched a nerve in our country that other politicians haven’t been able to, and there’s something going on that’s made Trump and Sanders appealing.

Rummy also talked about the criticism he got from Bush 41, “We were never close. He was kind of ‘to the manor born’ and I wasn’t,” he said, adding that he also questioned the motivation and timing of the criticism.

He also offered an opinion as to why Jeb Bush isn’t doing well in the polls, “I suppose there are some people that are uncomfortable with a dynasty,” he said.

What do you think? Is Rumsfeld right again?

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