(Video) Bulgaria’s Controversial Way To Stop The “Immigrants” Is Exactly What America Needs!!



If you’re a bleeding-heart liberal, this is really going to tick you off, but if you’re an American patriot who’s sick of supporting the illegals coming across our southern border, read on.

Bulgaria has been building a razor-wire fence, that some say reminds them of the “Cold War Era”, on it’s border with Turkey.  They have completed more than 60 miles of fencing with plans to build another 20 miles by July.  There are also plans to begin building a fence on it’s southern border with Greece.

The fence that has been completed also has 24/7 armed guards.  There are border police in watchtowers looking towards Turkey with binoculars and infra-red motion sensing cameras that solve the problem of those who may try to cross the border during the night.  All are slowing the flow, if not stopping it completely, of the “refugees”.

Wouldn’t this fence look awesome on our border with Mexico?




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