VIDEO…⦿ REPOST! HUGE! There Is Going To Be a Date For a Worldwide 24 Hour Attack By ISIS/ISIL ⦿!!!




About 5 or 6 years ago my friends on wall street warned me about
Syria, and that I should always keep a careful watch on it. I posted
this information on both LOP and GLP as well as DJ.

On August 17th 2015 I posted a thread here titled: “My Final Warning
To You About The Last US President!” In that thread after warning
about Obama, I posted the following:

The second thing my buddies on wall street told me was to watch Syria,
and to never take my eyes off of it! The details were that they will play a
very big roll in the events leading to war, but if you’re not watching very
carefully, you’ll miss it. That’s all they would say, but it is now my opinion
they may have been talking about ISIS/ISIL.

That was also a number of years ago before ISIS was even created. I think
they were best known in those days as Al Qaeda.

Here is that thread

Yesterday I watched a video that disturbed me as it seemed to fit the old
warnings from my buddies about Syria. (I’ll post that video later) I decided
to contact one of my friends to ask about the latest on Syria while making
sure I said nothing about the video I just watched.

This time I pinned him down and let him know I wanted all the details, and
I must admit that I was sorry I said it that way.

I wont tell you every detail because I have already become spooked by them, but you’ll understand the main thrust of what is happening and what is set to happen.

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Before I begin, there was and is no date set by those who will commit these events as they will give their instructions only at the last possible moment. Some of these things you will already know, and some you will not.

This is what was basically said: The refugees we see being sent to every
country is not what it looks like. They are ISIS with their families… men,
women, and even their children. (Of course not every family that is part
of the refugees being sent is ISIS.)
It’s all a cover story called “ASYLUM.”

They also said the plan is to have ISIS in every single country, state, city,
and even village according to the population. The plan is to strike all within
24 hours across the entire globe, and to continue indefinitely. I cannot, and
will not give any details about that part, so don’t ask!

After my conversation ended, I realized what the part in the original warning meant, and which stated: …but if you’re not watching very carefully,
you’ll miss it… It was referring to how the refugees were not refugees at all,
but ISIS instead. I was taken back by that and how they actually knew about that so many years ago.

As I’ve already said, as far as my friends are concerned, there is no date at the moment, because not everything is in place yet, and for protecting their plans, they will wait until just before they are ready to strike!

Sorry I cannot tell you anything more, but I felt it important to let everyone know something I’m sure they didn’t already know, and that was that they will attack everywhere all at the same time to overwhelm the entire system.

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Below is the video I watched yesterday that sent me seeking answers. Watch it and pay careful attention. It’s loaded with all the details even though there are religious overtones.

Make sure the video starts right at the beginning. The video is 32 minutes long.

by (Before It’s News)