US Government Buys 30,000 Guillotines – The Reason Why Is Disturbing


There apparently is a large stockpile of guillotines… YES- GUILLOTINES… stored in hidden underground bunkers at Joint Base Lewis McChord, formerly known as Fort Lewis, in Tacoma, Washington, just south of Seattle. They are going to be used against American citizens in FEMA camps who oppose the N.W. O. once Martial Law begins.

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  • Clay

    Peperare!! Take arms to protect your self.

  • nate

    No such thing as a 445 mag gun. Military personnel don’t leave base in full battle rattle. I know about Georgia wanting to use guillotines in the death penalty. Military personnel also don’t leave base with issue weapons with exception to MP’s, CoIntel, NCIS, and CID.

  • marlio

    Why would people be in fema camps?”

  • LJ Roberts

    Now, NOW you WANT the government’s help. And guess what, our fine President Obama has already offered to help! So get over your closed-minded hatred and THANK, President Obama for caring much more about your state than you deserve.

  • amc

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. And if you believe it you’re even more of an idiot.

  • kilmo

    Guillotines? Please. How inefficient could you get? Makes for great sensationalist headlines for the easily misled, but completely defies all logic…..which accurately describes the audience that believes this hogwash.

  • Rick Wingate


  • Roger Ringgenberg

    That video is WAY old and debunked years ago.

  • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks
  • Scooter Tramp
  • Scooter Tramp
  • the most reasonable explanation is agents provocateurs

  • Kenneth J Villone

    Debunked by WHO? Be specific Roger, if you can!

  • Kenneth J Villone

    I saw the apposing video! It offered no rebuke, except saying where are they and why didn’t anyone hear of them and there are no laws as to their use! Pure BULL!Do you think they (NWO) would advertise this? Tell Congress about it? And keep them in open storage? A friend of mine saw a FEMA camp in CO. Buildings with no windows..Train tracks and cattle cars in the camp. FOR WHAT?

    • yada, yada, yada. when you see the words “a friend of mine saw this or that” you automatically should know it’s crap so get a clue already dummy ken villone…

  • RIC54

    Real reason is for the Luke warm Chritans that don’t make the rapture.We will be tested with the mark of the beast.

  • John Gagne

    They may not know it, but God will reign his fire on their souls. They might mess with us, but they won’t with him.

  • hahaha are you for real, wtf kind of staff sgt in regt. would fucking act like that shit not even a pog would. stop watching movies you have literally rotted your brain

    • Frank Leverett

      Well, it’s on the internet, it has to be true! And they’re politicians, I could see this over cheap bullets so they can “make a statement” even if it wouldn’t ever be possible.

      • i was making a fucking point dip shit

  • William Kirk

    This be has been going around for years……smdh…..fucktards…..bored in no s basement!

  • why post garbage fairy-tails (because everyone already knows that NoBama is a fairy) about that little girl? i mean what’s the point?

    • she has no gonads like “most” women so anyone with even part of a brain would see right through this bs…

  • Scooter Tramp
  • Chris Muller

    Must be that time again, next week is Meteor hit the earth week……