Urgent! If Your Kid Has THIS Toy Take It Away From Them Now Before They Lose 75% Of Their Vision!

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Parents often buy their kids toys while in a rush at the store for the sake of appeasement. However, there is one such toy that’s quite popular that should not only never be bought out of appeasement, but should never be bought at all. There have been way too many, serious eye injuries caused by this toy that really isn’t a toy at all.

The item in question is the common laser pointer. Laser pointers were used mostly before the wars in the Middle East by college professors to hold lectures in the class room. They were and still are used to point out information on the board or overhead projector while the Prof is walking around class, keeping students awake and checking out the young male students they’d like to have homosexual relationships with.

However, lasers became more popular after the start of the current wars in the Middle East, where they are used to guide in munitions for airstrikes by bad ass special forces unites on the ground- the opposites, if you will, of those homo-queer college profs walking around pointing lasers while attempting to groom young, first generation college boys from non-supportive home lives.

Major damage has been done to many people serving in the armed forces due to improper use of lasers, i.e. their battle buddies thinking it’s funny to point them in their eyes. Now, children of all ages are buying these laser pointers in the private sector and doing the same. According to a report from Three Percenter Nation, a teen recently went to the doctor for such activity and will lose 75% of his vision as a result of the misuse of the laser.

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