Urgent…God Has Spoken And Sent One Of The Biggest, Earth Shaking Messages Ever! We Are Almost Out of Time!!!

big waves

Last week the mainstream media issued a major warning on the certainty of a major earthquake that will happen soon and cause massive tsunamis that will devastate the Pacific Northwest and California. The issue is with the first earthquake they tend to cause more earthquakes. The problem being are the nearby faults in close proximity.

For a while now, there have been numerous warnings of an imminent monster quake—but not just one—three!

—Cascadia Subduction Zone

—New Madrid Seismic Zone

—San Andreas Seismic Zone

What devastation would there be if all three of these happened at the same time?

A major earthquake could trigger all of them at once, as well as an asteroid hitting the earth at the same time.

God has just given another chilling, urgent message to another voice in the United States of America to sound the alarm that we all must prepare—NOW!  The question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’, and according to major news networks, scientists, and great men and women of God, that time is upon us!

Please be prepared for what is about to happen. Watch the videos below to learn much more.


An Earth Shaking Alarm Has Just Sounded-We Are Almost Out of Time!

Major News Networks Have Confirmed The Soon Coming US Catastrophe!

God even warned us back in 1994, sounding the alarm that we needed to repent. Unfortunately, we did not listen and our time is up!

LOOK! God Warned Us of What Is  HAPPENING NOW Back In 1994!

(Before It’s News)


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