Urgent…FEMA Camps Expanding Again!!! Privately Owned Prisons Now Being Converted To FEMA Camps…

fema-camp-prisonersRussians training in incarcerate and process American dissidents? Prison riots that are controlled by “special forces (Jade Helm)”? Prison space being cleared for future political prisoners? And all of these events discussed in this article simply dovetail from the revelation that shopping malls, sports stadiums and some schools are being prepped to double as FEMA camp internment facilities.

Camo Grayling, a known FEMA camp, is the site of massive training for the Michigan Army Reservists and the Michigan National Guard. They say they are training for GITMO duty. Perhaps this is true. However, everyone should Google "FM 3-39.4" and make sure you are seated as you read this Army Field Manual.

Sent July 10, 2015

Dear Dave,

I have followed your work for a long time. I know that you have covered that Russian soldiers are in our country and are preparing to be a part of a martial law occupation force in case American soldiers will not carry out their orders.

I have always thought you were one of the best writers in the country and read you everyday although I never bought into the Russian thing until now. I also listen to you and the Hagmanns on the air. I know they feel the same as you about the Russians.

I have a relative who is in the Michigan National Guard. His unit has been training with the Russians. They are practicing rounding up Americans and processing them into custody. He said they separated men and women with some children. But he also said they were separating people by religious beliefs. My relative believes that they are going to exterminate Christians when the time comes. Why else would they separate Christians from Jews from Muslims and from Catholics, from Mormons from athiests?

My relative is absolutely freaked out. He wants to quit and go into hiding. He told my husband and me that we have no idea how bad things are about to get. I have shown him some of your articles on Jade Helm and Camp Grayling and he was very surprised that you were being allowed to print what you are.  

He said that members of his unit said that they think they will be attacked by the Russians when the time comes.  He thinks that he and his unit will be assassinated when it comes time to round up Americans. He said his unit senses that the Russians “hate us” and want nothing to do with us because they know what is coming. He said that we have done training together, but there is no hint of any relationships developing as you would expect.  He said the American soldiers and the Russians do not like each other.  They have nothing to do with each other and only the officers from the 2 armies speak to each other.

The training is about monkey see monkey do. His unit will arrest pretend suspect actors and then process them and interrogate them. The Russians watch and then are asked to do the same in English. He said the Russian’s English is as good as any American. This part freaked me out. He said that the Russians frequently train in American Army uniforms.  Everyone thinks that they are going to pretend to be Americans when it is time to start the killing and the rounding up.  

My relative also learned through an advisor that was at their camp, that the same thing is going on at Ft. Bliss.

What should we do? We cannot all go into hiding but I am convinced that they are coming for people like us.  My question to you is that if the Russians are already training to arrest us, how far away can the real thing be?

Please do not publish my name, I do not want to have my relative or me to have an accident.


Even Drudge is getting into the act with regard to the possible embedding of Russian troops inside of Jade Helm.

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Matt Drudge



As you know, sometimes you have to read between the lines in official announcements.  First read this article (which was featured on Drudge):

So … reporters have been allowed to be embedded in Special Ops training in the past.  But now they’re not – supposedly because of “the need to protect the identity of the forces involved”.

To the average “low information” reader, they’ll assume that “identity” means the names and faces of the individual troops (to protect them from the ISIS members trolling Facebook).  
But maybe the Army actually means “the nationality of the forces involved”.    Steve


Funny, didn’t the media identify Seal Team Six as the presumed assassins of Osama Bin Laden, before they were killed in the helicopter accident”? Nobody from the Obama administration seemed to care about protecting them!

A Prison Riot or Clearing Space?

In Arizona, the past week, a privately run prison in the Kingman, AZ., area has been rocked by prison riots and this is how it appears to the public. Upon closer examination, this is not the case. Jade Helm has its fingerprints all over this event.



For a moment, I thought I was looking at the Marana, AZ. shopping mall.


I work at the private prison here in the Kingman, AZ. Area that just had a major riot. You may have noted that the riot damaged some of the cell blocks which caused inmates to be moved to other prisons by the hundreds.

You will note that the Arizona Republic said that the location of the moved prisoners could not be disclosed. This is such BS! What about their family members? Also, many of the prisoners that were moved were living in parts of the prison that were largely undamaged by the riot. We believe that this riot was staged. 

I have been reading your stuff for two years and with what I know here, entire parts of the prison are being prepared for occupancy for people I think are not prisoners coming to us from the justice system.

Dave, I am telling you I got a bad feeling in my gut that our prison is going to be housing political troublemakers and Jade Helm will be at the center of that.  Some of us are being transferred. Who are they going to be replacing us with?

We are getting routine visits from the military and have been since February. They are meeting with our administration.  Why would our admin meet with military officers unless they were going to need our prison to house military prisoners?  I think that this riot was staged to bring in outside prisoners. There is something very fishy going on here. I know about Jade Helm and I just feel that this is connected because there is nothing normal about what has happened here. .  

Please report this but do not use my email or name.

Like Walmart, perhaps prison authorities must close the prison for 6 months to repair the plumbing.  Again, this is vandalism, the structural integrity of prison is intact.


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Arizona Governor Ducey has drawn harsh criticism for diverting funds away from education to private prisons, who just happen to be some of his biggest campaign contributors. Ducey has cut University funding by $75 million dollars while increasing the funding for private funded prisons by $70 million dollars. Why?


Arizona Governor Ducey reported that  "special forces" were brought in to control the situation. Special forces? Since when are special forces used for a prison riot unless they are Jade Helm special forces and are training for "other activities".





fox 10 news alert








From FOX 10

“Inmates at a prison in Kingman, Ariz., are once again rioting, according to Andrew Wilder, an official with the Arizona Department of Corrections. Wilder tells Fox 10 Phoenix that remaining inmates in the Hualapai dormitory housing units are refusing to obey guard’s orders. Yesterday, we learned that 700 inmates will be sent to other correctional facilities due to continued rioting over the past few days. During one of those riots, inmates caused significant damage, making two of the five housing units at the prison uninhabitable“.

The photographic evidence clearly demonstrates that this Kingman prison is not uninhabitable. As the Kingman prison employee indicates in his email to me, there is another agenda at work. By the way, this is not the only case like this in the country. I have information on three other cases very similar to this, but I am not at liberty to reveal these events at this time.


The evidence trail that shopping malls, sports stadiums, schools and Walmarts are going to be converted to FEMA camp detention centers is growing by the day. Now we are seeing clear evidence that private prison space is being created to house future political dissidents. If you are new to this topic, you may want to click on the above hypertext links so that you can see the progression of the conversion of many of our institutions to FEMA camp detention centers.

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The case for Russian forces and their involvement in the FEMA camp internment scenarios is fully out in the open as is the complicity for Jade Helm participation. In the next article in this series, I will expose how this relates to this week’s cyber attack on the cell phone providers, the Wall Street Journal, United Airlines, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Keep in mind, that if the food supply is impacted by future cyber attacks, there will be too many mouths to feed.


Dave Hodges