Urgent! Donald Trump Team Explains How To Keep Syrian Refugees Out Of Your State With One 2 Minute Act!

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We have seen the death and destruction these so called “refugees” bring with them from the Muslim lands of the Middle East. They come to Western nations, like France and Germany, and now, as of this weekend, the U.S., and they lie in wait. Once we’ve accepted them as the new normal, they attack! They kill, they maim, they destroy!

The Facebook page Trump Wall has put out an announcement on how each and every damn one of us can take action, only two minutes worth of action, to prevent these vile scabs from coming into our state!

From Trump Wall:

People, it’s time to stop complaining about the ISIS Wolves coming here in the sheep’s clothing of “refugees,” just like they’ve done in Europe, with the heinous affects we are seeing in France, and DO something about it! Here’s what we can do! Pick up your phones, make the calls, and continue to follow us here at Trump Wall

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  • Mike Davis

    President has no legal authority to place refugees in any State without consent of that State or an Act of Congress affirmed by the states. Check the US constitution. it can also fall under taxation without representation