Urgent! Banks In “Hostile” Jade Helm Territories Closing Their Doors!


The online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond just received the following, terrifying message from a great American in the field:

My guestion is why are they closing all the banks here in Calexico, Ca.? Also I am now getting a popup that at the end says die. I live here and as of the middle of this month or next they will all be closed. We will have to go to El Centro to access a bank.

A quick Google search to see if this was true or not confrimed that it is. From the onlince source ivpressonline, and in regard to a Bank of America branch in Calexico:

Citing the changing needs and behaviors of its customers, Bank of America has announced that its branch office in Calexico will close June 16. The pending closure comes on the heels of other recent and pending bank closures in the city.

Public officials are planning to meet in the coming days to discuss the troubling trend, said Mayor John Moreno.

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  • I.M. Pistoff

    Banks and other company branches close all the time, as do schools and post offices. The picture above has nothing to do with the story; it was taken in the UK several years ago; King Sturge (a former realty management company) was absorbed by another company in 2011. This article is just more Chicken Little paranoia.

  • Bill Beveridge

    Conspiracy theory? I understand why people are afraid, with this TREASONISTIC President, everyone is either afraid of what he will do next or have their head so far up their b**+ that they believe the propaganda that media has been slinging for years now. Why doesn’t the government come out and lessen the fears? Why don’t they explain the FEMA camps? Why don’t they explain the open boarders?