After initially backing away from reports that the July 4 beating of a white man by a black mob was racially motivated, Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell is now pushing for hate crime charges to be filed.

As we reported earlier this week, 27-year-old Christopher McKnight was brutally attacked in Fountain Square after a hip-hop concert by a group of black teens who choked and punched the victim, leaving him hospitalized with serious internal injuries.

The incident led to a mini-riot during which police officers and bystanders were also assaulted by the mob.

A police report initially stated that the incident was being treated as an “anti-white” racial attack, but Capt. Mike Neville subsequently backed offthat explanation, asserting that the beating was not racially motivated.

This caused a firestorm of controversy across social media and the Internet, with many citing the case as another example of how black on white violence is being downplayed and ignored by authorities.

However, “Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell has reconsidered and is asking Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to pursue hate crime charges,” reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“In many cases, a hate/bias relationship between the offender(s) and suspect(s) may not be easily apparent at the time of, or even shortly after the commission of the offense,” police spokeswoman Tiffaney Hardy said in a press release. “Often, hate/bias elements become evident only after thorough investigation and review of the available evidence.”

Authorities also noted how “public comment and outrage” concerning the incident was a key factor in the consideration of hate crime charges.

The Hong Kong-based TomoNews has released an animated recreation of the attack which can be viewed below.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

  • Brian

    Let me get this straight. A white man kills 9 in a SC church and it is immediately labeled a hate crime and starts a panic driven plea for all Confederate flags to be taken down. This happened on the 4th of July and is only NOW being dealt with? Get rid of the double standard that we have to deal with.

    • Edward Decker

      I agree with you.

    • Clasheuss D. Nikes

      There’s no double standard…he killed 9 people…there’s no comparison

      • Brian

        So I guess you approve of the 40 black on one white. Shows where the racism is, doesn’t it?

  • Brian

    Now you are making assumptions that he said something. The double standard I am referring to is simply that when a white man does anything to a black, it is automatically a hate crime, but it took 5 days for the reverse to happen.
    The gang beating of that white man was not covered on any national news channel that I am aware of, but the idiot that killed 9 blacks was covered so fast the bodies weren’t even cold yet, again a double standard in the way the media treats this entire issue of racism.
    People blame a flag for racism, they are wrong. That flag did nothing to them. Put the blame where it is due, blame the sick and twisted people that go out and do such things as described above. Blame the parents for keeping it alive. Racism is NOT hereditary, it is TAUGHT, by parents, media by their one sided reporting, and even the politicians for ALSO blaming the flag.
    I don’t care what color your skin is, but I have a problem with being labeled a racist because I am white and I honor the memory of my ancestors by flying a flag that they died for. My ancestors did not own any slaves to my knowledge, they did however work with them in fields, factories, mines and a lot of other sectors of the working class.

    • Clasheuss D. Nikes

      I’m not making an assumption…I live in Cincinnati…and it took days cause there were multiple people involved in the beating and no one is being charged with a hate crime…and the idiot killed 9 unarmed people with weapons yes they’re going to cover that the media is trying to start a race war

      • Brian

        I saw somewhere that it was listed as a hate crime last night and will try and find it again to post here. Can I ask what the man said that made 40 men attack him? I am not trying to argue with you by any means here. I am only trying to find the truth here. There ARE racists on every side of this fence and it’s time everyone learn to put their hate aside and not punish a flag for something it didn’t start. How can an inanimate object start anything unless there is hatred among the ones that see it? Btw, the specific flag in question here was NOT adopted by all the Southern states, just one of them.

  • fbc28277

    That’s how it was when the schools were desegregated in Charlotte 1971. Always be 5 to 10 blacks beating up one white kid and stealing their lunch money. This would happen several times and the whites would get pissed and all hell would break loose. You see when it’s one on one they don’t do so well. Most schools were still at least 2/3 white. We would beat the shit out of them. School would close for 1 to 2 weeks to let things cool off. That’s where we are headed now. Blacks think they want a race war but if it starts there will be piles of them lying in the streets dead.