Unconventional Warfare Launched On U.S. Citizens- Body Snatching At Zero Dark Thirty!


You can stick your head in the sand in light of unpleasant facts if you choose, but as a wise man once said, doing so is folly.

Operation Jade Helm 15 has begun. People were eyeing the calendar for July 15, then things got moved up to June 15 once the element of surprise was lost due to the public’s chatter about the exercise. Apparently, the date got moved again, and it has begun, starting with kidnappings.

From a message sent to the online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond:

I am very concerned and it would take me a while to explain all the reasons I believe what I’m going to say next is true.  I spend a lot of time on my porch watching everything that goes on.  I believe the unconventional urban warfare is happening right across the street from me at a small apartment complex (appx 50 to 75 units if that).  I have seen strange activity and strange civilians that haven’t normally been in this neighborhood.  I feel like they are doing snatch and grabs or even maybe breaking into homes possibly gun grabbing (just my thoughts).  The reason I feel this way is I saw the same car speed into the apartment complex 3 times.  The first time was after midnight and the trunk was open and the drivers back door was too.  I could not see who it was inside.  The second and third time was about 30 minutes apart and the trunk was suspiciously open on the last 2 times.  This was all done by cover of night.  When they left, the trunk was closed. They slammed it hard and I could hear screams. Coming from inside.

One of the page administrators for Operation Jade Helm And Beyond followed up with the individual who sent the message, and in time, got the response “they took people! Okay?” and then had their account blocked by the tipster. According to the admin, the woman seemed terrified of being ‘detained or disappeared’ herself for spilling the beans. As far as location of the witnessed events, all she would say is that she lived in ‘the southwest.’

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