Unarmed Little White Girls Shut Down By Bitter Cop!


The asinine behavior of cops on roids in America has now afflicted not just unarmed black teens, but unarmed little white girls. This amazing story from Yahoo parenting! 

Sisters who set up a lemonade stand to fund a Father’s Day gift on Monday were shut down by the police due to a lack of permit.

Andria Green, 8, and her sister Zoey, 7, set up the lemonade stand to raise the $105 they needed for tickets to the Texas waterpark Splash Kingdom. They were selling lemonade for 50 cents and kettle corn for one dollar on their street in the town of Overton, but about an hour after opening, police showed up and told the girls they needed a permit to sell the lemonade. Police agreed to waive the fee of the permit, which normally would cost $150. “The officer told them they had to go to city hall to get a permit,” Overton Police Chief Clyde Carter tells Yahoo Parenting. “Then the city told them they had to check with the health department, which they didn’t do.”

These cops in America know no bounds. These unarmed little white girls are lucky they didn’t get tasered or shot in the face!

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