U.S. Troops Forced To Train And Fight With Muslim Jihadists

Are we training our enemies in war?


According to Robert Olson, a Middle East analyst and author of several books on the region, the U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council summit held at Camp David last month gave way to the US sending a few hundred more military advisers to Iraq, but no additional troops will be sent to accompany the 3,000 U.S. troops already stationed.

However, the Obama admin stated that Muslim jihadist forces will be allowed to join the coalition forces, mostly American, in the fight against the al-Assad regime in Syria.

The vetting process for making sure that the ‘bad Muslim fighters’ don’t mix in with the ‘good Muslim fighters’ appears to be quite weak. On top of this, Obama outright training jihadist fighters to fight with American soldiers:

In addition there are several hundred military personnel in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s Incirlik NATO airbase where coalition forces, largely American, are training a reported 1,500 vetted fighters from Syria.

But the vetting process is haphazard, and undoubtedly many fighters who previously fought with other jihadist groups have joined vetted fighters.

The administration’s assessment that the American people don’t care that much about the wars in Iraq and Syria is correct, in spite of hawkish members of Congress who trumpet the need for more “boots on the ground.” This situation could quickly change if a Republican were to be elected president.

At the summit, the Obama administration reportedly also accepted that jihadist forces, some affiliated with al-Qaida, could also join the battle against the al-Assad regime.

Olson calls this a Faustian pact with the devil,” but others would simply call this out AS the devil.

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In an all to familiar situation, the US is once again arming and training our supposed enemies (our Muslim extremist enemies that is, not  the federally-labeled domestic ones already armed here at home).

What will happen to these trained jihadist forces armed with American weapons after they topple the al-Assad regime? Olson claims that a genocide is possible with the US and UN not doing much to prevent it.

Obama will then have grown ISIS even more and permitted more blood lust killing of Christians.

Once the buffer no-fly zones are fully established with vetted jihadist forces on the ground, these same forces would be in good position to attack al-Assad’s army and supporters. This would also please Washington’s Gulf Arab partners, as well as Israel, which is now cooperating with Saudi Arabia against ISIS. These developments may explain the reduced U.S. airstrikes against ISIS the past few weeks.

If the al-Assad regime collapsed, another major factor would be what actions the jihadist groups take toward Christians and Alawites, another religious minority. They largely support the al-Assad regime.

Given ISIS’ barbarous treatment of religious minorities, Christians and women, the alliances to topple the al-Assad regime could result in a Faustian pact with the devil with major ethnic cleansing, like what happened to Bosnian Muslims and in Rwanda.

In those two genocides the United Nations, international community and the U.S. did little to prevent the killing.

  • Dennis Ray Wall

    The obvious idea is to teach the enemy how to be more proficient at fighting so they can teach their comrades! Otherwise we could wipe them off the face of the earth in no time! Obama’s Muslim advisors
    are mentoring the boy!