U.S. Marine Takes on Angry Mob of Pro-Hamas Protesters By Himself!!!


Manny Vega, a retired U.S. marine and Iraq war veteran, showed up at a pro-Palestinean protest in front of the White House, to express his support of Israel. In an interview with Breitbart news, Vega explained what he was doing at the demonstration. “What brought me out here is this sort of anti-Israel atmosphere that this administration is holding over the United States. I want to show the Israeli people there are American people in our nation that support the state of Israel… And that is why am standing here with an American flag in my right hand, and Israeli flag in my left hand, in a show of solidarity with the Israeli people.”
As Vegan marched with his two flags he was pushed, punched, kicked and spat on. One demonstrator tried to ignite the Israeli flag he held.

by israelvideonetwork

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