Have We Turned The Corner?? All Signs Indicate This “Breed” Is Now An Endangered Species!!


Well, it looks like we’ve done it.  After years of blood, sweat and tears, we’re finally seeing change and there’s now little doubt we’re going to have a huge impact on the 2016 elections.  Even the man who’s name personifies RINOs in the GOP is taking a major hit, donations to his Super PAC family are predicted to drop a whopping 90% for 2016.  Good or bad, the donor class has also decided they don’t need the established Washington RINOs who are as isolated and corrupt as the liberals.

Carl Rove and the Beltway elite have to be loading up the bunkers, preparing for the day (which is just a little more than a year off), an independent, anti-establishment President takes back 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and gives it to it’s rightful owners.  Trump, Cruz and Carson have about two thirds of the Republican support while the pack of Rinos including Bush, Kasich, Graham and Christie have about a sixth.  Graham did finally leave the race last week with less than 1% support.

So it’s now being predicted that the establishment is going to get behind Rubio, who beat a sitting, establishment governor.  Rubio pulled that win off with an incredible amount of grass roots support that may or may not still be with him.  The effect of his flip flop on amnesty and involvement with The Gang of Eight will be determined shortly.  I wonder if he’s smart enough not use RINO supporters in campaign ads?


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