Trump’s Right Again: Item In Cali. Shooter’s Apt. Shows MOM As Bad As Him

terrorist mommy bad

There’s a reason Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls. It’s because Americans are sick and tired of being told what fairy tales to believe in regard to what is going on in plane sight all around them – a recession we’re told is a recovery, a President who’s telling us he’s arming moderates when we know there is no such thing and that he’s arming people who hate us and want to kill us, and that the most recent Muslim terrorist attack on U.S. soil has nothing to do with Islam, but workplace violence- and Donald Trump is the only man in a leadership potential position who calls a spade a spade, and the American people know that this is the ONLY type of attitude that will enable us to survive every threat which faces us.

Trump recently drew scorn by the liberal, Fascist media by claiming that the Muslim family members of terrorists know and support their loved one’s acts of terror, no matter how they may put on that they had no clue after the fact. Something found in the Muslim terrorists, Sayed Farooq’s home after he and his Muslim wife killed 14 innocent people, proves that Trump is right again. Have a look at this, and read the explanation of what it is below!

muslim terror award

What you are looking at, above, is an award of appreciation given to Syed Farook’s MOTHER by a network in Pakistan who is loyal to the concept of a Muslim caliphate. It was given to her for her support and efforts toward building a caliphate INSIDE THE UNITED STATES!

So, the question is, is Farook’s mom the next Muslim terrorist to attack us on our soil? Should she be detained? This writer thinks yes!

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