Trump To Syrian Refugees Coming To The U.S. “Don’t Unpack!”

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Thank God, at least one of the Presidential candidates, and fortunately, the one in front, has some common sense when it comes to transporting third world peasants from Syria into the U.S. What many are calling a refugee crisis is nothing more than two things; a Muslim invasion in disguise, sort of like a Trojan horse operation, and secondly, a bunch of third world peasants who’ve already ruined their own country and who now want to flee to the West and draw every welfare and entitlement program offered while destroying that Western nation. Nearly 100% of Americans will NEVER visit a third world shit hole nation in their lifetime, and have no clue of the filth that exists there. The people live like dogs. They piss in the streets and shit on the sidewalks and throw their garbage down wherever they happen to be when they are finished. Don’t believe it? Take a trip to Syria, Mexico, or the Philippines and find out.

However, Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump came out this morning and said that if elected President, he will send every third world peasant piece of thrash that Hussein Obama allows to come into our country and stink it up right back to their third world wasteland, which used to be, literally, the Garden of Eden (or just north of it), but which they’ve ruined via their third world peasant ways.


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