Trump Releases Bombshell Footage Of Hillary – She’s Panicking

hillary in car

Donald Trump recently posted a video on his website of Hillary “Killary” Clinton laughing hysterically when asked about some of the most horrible events in recent U.S. history, over which she presided as Secretary of State.

The video can be seen below, and it’s quite entertaining, but be sure to scroll down to the video below it, where you see the entire sickening incident of her laughing while being questioned over Benghazi, where four brave Americans lost their lives while she went home and slept. It’s nice that she’s had enough closer since then to be able to laugh about it. We’re sure those men’s grieving mothers have not yet reached that point.

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  • rainbowdash

    Okay… I’m putting on my foil hat,.. I’m friend’s with republican’s and democrats alike and I have to say I’ve never heard anyone say they totally support Hillary. How is she doing so well in these polls? Does she really have people backing her?

    • Gary47

      She has lots of backing from the welfare crowd the tree huggers, Peta, and every other Liberal fringe group. That is a lot of folks even though each alone make up a small % of voters but added together it is a big voting block. They only care about their own little pet gripe not about anything else.

  • Jim Lawson

    Hillary in her own words said that 40 % of democrats are stupid and are easy to manipulate and has bagged that she will bring black voter to heal

  • Aaron Cissell

    It’s funny how fast she forgets thing like this but her and bill can write a book or memoirs of their life.. All of them should be charged with treason and have the hammer come down on them…