He may be a Presidential disaster-in-waiting, but if nothing else Donald Trump is, for now, entertaining.

The billionaire GOP candidate had some choice words for president Obama this morning, in reaction to Obama whining about Republican candidates speaking out regarding a liberal media bias at CNBC.

“It turns out they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators. Let me tell you, if you can’t handle those guys, then I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you,” Obama said Monday.

Firing back in a Good Morning America appearance, Trump noted that he doesn’t “personally care on the debate,” but added of Obama “He can’t handle the country. He’s doing a terrible job running the country.”

Trump set the record clear saying that he doesn’t want a three hour debate because it is too long, and add that the TV networks should not be getting all the profits from the debates, and should instead be donating some of it to veterans’ charities.

“He may say the Republicans don’t get along on a debate, and it’s not us, we are being asked very rude questions.” Trump explained. “He’s having a hard time… not a hard time, he can’t handle the country. He is doing a terrible terrible job.” Trump repeated.

Meanwhile GOP rival Ben Carson pointed out the President’s hypocrisy, noting that in 2007, Obama refused to take part in a Fox News debate for the very same reason.

Speaking of Carson, Trump accused his closest rival of not having the temperament to deal with the Presidency.

“I think Ben just doesn’t have the experience,” Trump told GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos. “It’s not his thing, George. You know, you’re born with it. It’s not his thing. He hasn’t got the temperament for it. It’s not the right thing for him and there are right things for him.”

When Stephanopoulos asked if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, Trump replied in the affirmative, adding the caveat of “unless she’s indicted.”

Trump also believes that Clinton is not prepared to debate him if he becomes the nominee, insisting that Hillary is “bluffing”.

“I know her well. She’s done a terrible job as you know Secretary of State,” Trump argued. “The world blew up around her and then she’s got all of the other problems.”



  • Jake Spooz

    Trump would tear Killary a new one.