Trump Kept Quiet About Incident At Georgia Farm In The ‘80s, Secret’s Out Now

Trump saves the farm

Ever since Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump took a commanding lead in the polls, which was basically at the time he announced that he was running, the left wing media AND the Republican establishment went after him like mad to ruin his name, and as such, any chances he has for actually winning. However, it seems every time they’ve done this, it’s always backfired on them.

Comes now a story about some of Trump’s activities in the mid-80’s, that is detailed in his best selling book “Art of the Deal” that both sides hoped would never get out.

Those of us old enough to remember the 80’s remembers it was a tough time for farmers in America. Government subsidiaries were actually paying farmers NOT to grow crops, and estate taxation was ripping farms that had been in the same family for generations out of those family’s hands.

One such farm family in Georgia was struggling to make ends meet, and sadly, the patriarch of the family decided to take his own life, hoping the death benefit from his insurance policy would save his wife and the farm. However, suicide was disallowed with his provider, so he took his life in vain.


When Donald Trump heard about this story, he took action. He set up a campaign to raise enough money to pay off the mortgage on the farm and thus allow it to remain in the widow’s hands. Trump’s efforts were successful and the widow, Annabel Hill, kept the farm. And now you can see why the left wing media and the Republican establishment, both intent upon ruining Trump’s bid for President, are not talking bout this one.

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  • Samuel John Vincent

    That’s not the only story of Trump’s generosity. A child in California with a serious medical problem that needed surgery back east was refused a flight from commercial airlines because of the difficulty it posed for the airlines. Trump sent his plane with medical personnel aboard and transported the whole family to the surgical facility and back after recovery. He provided accommodations for the family as well as expenses….all at his expense. He would not take a dime from the family. Just one other story….Ed McMahon of
    “Tonight Show” fame, fell on hard financial times when the show closed. The bank foreclosed on his long time home and was going to throw Ed and his wife out. Trump heard about it and, even though he had never met McMahon, he purchased the house and let Ed retain ownership and live there until he died…for free! Notwithstanding how he talks, this is a good, generous, caring man…..