Trump Drops Truth Bomb About Paris That’s Sure To Infuriate The Left

trump drops bombshell truth

Love him or hate him, you have to agree that he calls it like he sees it. Donald Trump does not pull punches, and he doesn’t give two rat’s asses about what people think. He may not be politically correct, but he is patriotically correct, and that is why those who do follow him would walk through fire for him.

After the recent attacks in Paris, in which Muslims, some who have proven to be “Syrian Refugees,” blew up a soccer stadium and a concert hall and shot up people dining at restaurants- killing nearly 200 people and injuring nearly 500 more- Donald Trump has come out to state the facts that are not politically correct among the left.

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From the National Sun Times:

Donald Trump says the tough gun control laws in Paris contributed to the high death toll during a series of terrorist attacks on Friday. The attacks, he added, also reveal the danger in allowing Syrian refugees into the country. “You can say what you want, but if they had guns — if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry — it would have been a much, much different situation,” Trump said to cheers during a political rally at an arena in southeast Texas on Saturday afternoon.


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  • billwhit

    Exactly! It is hard to deny when something is true! If your Armed, your chances of survival, and of those around you, are much, much better!