Trump Creates His Own Bible Verse That Has A Lot Of People Livid!

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Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is a man who spares few words.

Religion seems to have become quite an issue as of late, after Trump took some swings at the Pope. Arguably, the Pope set himself up for  it, having the audacity to claim that anyone desiring to build a wall to keep his neighbors out is not a true Christian, while living behind one of the oldest security walls, which surrounds the Vatican City, in history.

He made similar, snarky remarks about Americans and guns, while living atop of one of the oldest and most highly valued arsenals in the world.

pope basement

Trump took to Twitter, as he often does, to get his message out on Bible verses. Have another look.

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tw 327

What do you think? Did Trump go too far? Or is he spot on?

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  • Norman Silva

    Spot on. Trump 2016.

  • DoubleU

    The Pope admits it?

    • Brian V. Sitterley

      The photo, if genuine, leaves him little choice.

  • Phyllis Waterstraat-Holman

    Spot on!!

  • Cliff Gridley

    Good now lets take care of the vets and seniors

  • ROTFL!!! Made my day!

  • Ron Hussey

    Spot on…… America was never to be, never was, and isn’t now, a free for all that can get here ILLEGALLY. All countries have borders and immigration laws to protect their citizens, and their country. We do need to enforce ours, we do need the wall, and we do not need any more ILLEGALS using up American citizen’s resources, and taking their jobs, And please no moronic liberal insane politically correct responses please, I’ve heard them all, and all that spew that [email protected] are fools.

  • Alan Tuttle

    Bummer…. The armory photo is not of the Vatican. It is the Swiss Army. It would’ve been great if it was the Vatican.

  • Thomas Madison

    The pope like all limousine liberals has armed bodyguards and a flair for BS hypocrisy.