B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in U.S. history, has proven time and time again that keeping Americans safe doesn’t even make the list of his priorities. No further proof of this is needed than the simple fact that every time a radical Islamic extremist, a term he refuses to even say in words, commits an act of terror, even on U.S. soil, Hussein Obama is more concerned with protecting the image of Islam than denouncing the evil-doers and making any attempts to go after would be terrorists in wait.

Two Republican senators, Ted Cruz of Texas and Jeff Sessions of Alabama, continue to be a thorn in Hussein Obama’s side. They are petitioning Congress right now to stop blocking investigations into the background of 113 individuals who, though having entered the U.S. legally, have been investigated in the past by the FBI for terrorist ties.

As we saw with the Afghan born terrorist from this past weekend’s New York and New Jersey bombings, as well as the Orlando night club shooter a few months back, many of these radical Islamists are coming to the U.S. legally, but they still intend to do America and Americans harm once they are here. As Donald Trump, the next President of the U.S. says, we are undergoing to largest, most dangerous Trojan Horse operation in modern times, yet Hussein Obama, by blocking these investigations, seems to be siding with our enemies over the very people who elected him to keep them safe.

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    “As United States democracy is destroyed, the office of the president has become an inner circle of subversive people. This election season the plain folks of the land will reach their time of anger and resentment at last and the White House will be won by a true American. We believe that person will be Donald J Trump.