Tragic Accident or Negligence? Either Way, This Family Has To Be Devastated.


An empty plastic swimming pool and a day at Camp Bow Wow in East Naples Florida cost a dog his life.  According to Wink News, Wrigley’s mom took him to the doggy daycare three times a week to socialize and on June 29, the one year old bulldog became trapped under a plastic swimming pool and suffocated.

You’d think a facility designed specifically to care for dogs, with surveillance cameras and staff who are there to monitor and interact with the dogs, would have noticed one was missing, right?  Or at the least, someone would have heard a dog barking as if he were in distress and went looking for the reason.  Not on this day.  Isel Tiziano, the owner of this facility, said a camp counselor had been walking back and forth by the upside down pool but Wrigley wasn’t found until the shift changed and the next counselor lifted the pool.  Wrigley was immediately taken to an animal hospital but he had already died.

One short afternoon was all I needed to decide Camp Bow Wow wasn’t a good fit for my dogs although, I have to admit, I had considered giving it another try, just before Wrigley’s death, when our small, local doggy daycare was full.  I’m glad I trusted my instincts.  RIP Wrigley.

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