Trace Adkins Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes!!!

maxresdefault (1)If you love and respect our U.S. Military then you will love this song. It is done in tribute to the fallen soldiers, then the official video of country star Trace Adkin’s heartbreaking song, “Arlington” is the kind of thing that is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. Inspired by the honorable death of Marine Corps Corporal Patrick Nixon, this touching tribute is from the perspective of that brave Marine who gave his life to serve our country.

Nixon, whose father is a Vietnam War veteran himself, wanted to do the right thing with his life when he joined the Corps. Dreaming of becoming a history teacher after finishing his service, this hero had a bright future ahead of himself. Unfortunately, on March 30, 2003, this Marine and eight of his squad mates got caught in a deadly hail of fire when they were ambushed by terrorists while trying to secure a bridge.

Though the pain of losing this fine young man will forever be felt by his family, at the very least they can rest assure that his sacrifice will never be forgotten, and that his brave actions will always be passed down from generation to generation. Dedicating a whole song to his life story won’t bring him back, but it will certainly help spread his story to anyone who wants to know what it takes to get to Arlington National Cemetery.

by Paul Morris

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