Totally Awesome Breaking News! We Are FINALLY Bombing ISIS In The Pocket Book On Their Way To Market!

fuel trucks hit

Wow! Even I am in shock right now. It’s no secret to anyone, especially we conservative libertarian American Patriots that oil is nothing short of God-like to the U.S. Government and economy. It is the world’s currency, and it has been placed off limits for bombing runs since the war in Iraq started back in 2003.

Well, it looks like we are now taking the threat of Muslim terrorists so gravely after the Paris attacks that we are committing economic blasphemy and bombing the oil trucks on their way from the oil fields to the refineries or the market.

This is great news!

ISIS is making millions of dollars a day off of illegal oil sales, and it is by FAR their largest source of revenue, once you take out the revenues they generate by Hussein Obama providing the “moderate” Muslims with equipment and munitions, only to see them hop sides and fight for the “radical” Muslims.

Donald Trump has been saying bomb the oil for months and everyone has laughed him off as a radical. Looks like he’s not so radical after all.

The truck drivers, most of whom are civilians hired out by ISIS, though more than likely dirty Muslims themselves, are warned by airdropped leaflets 45 minutes before the trucks are bombed. They can leave if they choose or stay with the trucks and be taken to their 72 virgins in the sky.


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