Top Secret Military Operations In The Pacific, Air Traffic At LAX Being Rerouted!!


The entire operation is shrouded in mystery with airport officials claiming that even they are in the dark over exactly what is planned and why its usual airspace is off-limits.  The military will also not say what exactly is causing the change.

Officials at Los Angeles International Airport are reporting the FAA has closed the Pacific ocean, off the west coast of Los Angeles.  Air traffic controllers are saying the airspace will be used for special military operations for a week and air traffic that normally lands and takes-off over the ocean will be rerouted.

Top secret military operations off the Los Angeles coast is forcing aircraft at one of the country’s busiest airports to take alternative routes for an entire week meaning increased levels of noise for those living nearby.  Aircraft that are landing and departing at LAX at night have been informed that they will not be allowed to take fly over the ocean at low altitudes.  Planes usually fly over the ocean to keep noise levels down, but due to the airspace over the pacific being closed to incoming flights for the next week, planes will have to take more circuitous routes.

Six years ago, cameras captured a military operation in downtown L.A.  Helicopters were seen swooping between high-rises, close enough that residents were able to see armed soldiers in camouflage outside their window.  Authorities claimed it was part of a training exercise designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, and prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployment, but what is behind next weeks diversions is still a complete mystery.

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