Top 15 Crazy Facts About Fast Food Restaurants!!! #11 Is A Little Disturbing!!!

1. Domino’s Pizza had to cancel their “30 minutes or less” guarantee after so many drivers were getting into accidents while delivering pizzas.

2. All chicken McNuggets from McDonalds come in four basic shapes; the bell, bone, boot and ball.

3. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, went back to school to get his GED when he was 61.

He didn’t want people to take his success as a reason to drop out of high school.

4. Because of a marketing campaign in 1974, KFC has become an incredibly popular destination for Christmas dinner in Japan.

Some customers even place their Christmas orders up to two months in advance.

5. You’ll never be more than 115 miles away from a McDonald’s in the continental USA.

Stephen Von Worley mapped every McDonald’s in the continental US in 2009…more than 13,000!

6. IHOP adds some pancake batter to their omelettes to make them fluffier.

7. The founders of Outback Steakhouse haver never been to Australia.

8. Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the International Space Station in 2001.

9. Until 2013 Pizza Hut was the largest purchaser of Kale. Don’t worry, it didn’t go on pizza, it was used as decoration in their salad bars.

10. Chipotle has plenty of secret menu items you can order, including a “quesarito.”

That’s a burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla instead of a tortilla.

11. A 32 ounce McDonald’s sweet tea has more sugar in it than two Snickers bars.

A Snickers bar has 27 grams of sugar and a McDonald’s Sweet Tea has 69.

12. On average, 2 new Starbucks have opened every day since 1987.

13. The founder of Chiptole, Steve Ells, started the burrito chain in an effort to raise funds for a fine dining restaurant.

14. There are more Subways in the world than there are McDonald’s.

Including this one in True Bethel Baptist Church in Buffalo New York.

15. Founded in 1921, White Castle was the first fast food restaurant ever.

by Dominic Trombino


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