Top 10 Bacon Creations That Will Have Your Mouth Watering


Everyone knows that everything goes better with bacon. But here are some neat recipes that call for bacon that you might not know existed.

1- Bacon infused Vodka, below, makes for a heck of a bloody mary.

bacon 2

2- Why use ordinary table salt when you can make bacon salt?

bacon 3

3- And there’s no need to be stingy. Why not douse your doggy’s biscuits with some bacon grease so he can enjoy some bacon as well?

bacon 4

4- Nothing in the world is better than bacon peanuts caramel corn!

bacon 5

5- And chocolate chip cookies are merely chocolate chip cookies, until you make them bacon chocolate chip cookies!

bacon 6

6- There’s no longer a need to have bacon with your pancakes, because now you can have bacon in your pancakes!

bacon 7

7- Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than bacon roses!

bacon 8

8- Vodka is not the only spirit that can be enhanced with bacon. Try some bacon bourbon as well.

bacon 9

9- A slice of bacon wrapped inside your cinnamon roll adds character and flavor.

bacon 10

10- And nothing washes all of the above ideas down better than a bacon float!



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