Tom Hanks Needs Our Prayers!

tom hanks needs our prayers

Tom Hanks has entertained us for several generations now. We all remember him as an “okay” actor in the movie “Big,” but then saw him transform and mature and become one of the best actors of all time, going on to become the first and only actor since to win an Oscar for two different movies in the same year, those movies being “Appollo 13” and “Forest Gump,” the awards given back in 1995.

What most folks don’t know is that Hanks suffers from Diabetes Type II. Hanks personally attributes the condition to genetics, though many believe it’s due to his drastic gaining and losing weight to play various different roles throughout his career.

Though rarely fatal in people who are proactive in dealing with the disease, Diabetes is no laughing matter, and after having entertained us for nearly half a century, the least we can do for Hanks is keep him in our prayers.

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