This South Carolina Police Officer May Get His Job Back Because Of What Students Just Did!

officer fields

Remember earlier this week when news broke of a South Carolina school resource officer, Ben Fields, slamming an “innocent” student to the ground? Yeah, it caused nationwide chaos because the law enforcement officer was white and the student was black. No doubt if the race roles were reversed you would have never heard about it.

Anyway, the students at the South Carolina school where the incident took place know the girl involved, and her attitude, and they have come to know officer Fields and his attitude, and guess what?

They are supporting him!

bring back fields

Numerous students have held protests against the school’s decision to fire officer Fields and they are wearing home made tee shirts demanding he be brought back. Today, Friday, hundreds of students had a walk out to protest the decision. Even these high school kids know the man was simply doing his job, and that the race card is being heavily dealt out in his firing!

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  • Good! He should never have been fired in the first place! Fire the Chief of Police instead, for being a PC Coward!