This Police Tweet Is Smoking Gun Evidence That Charleston Shooting Was Government Orchastrated!



Blue smoke that is rising from the muzzle of a handgun

It didn’t take long for several ‘conspiracy theory’ oriented media outlets to take to the internet and start claiming that the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina was a false flag. Media outlet All News Pipeline claims it was set up by the Obama Administration to distract us so that Congress could pass the controversial TPP bill during all the frenzy.

Conspiracy theory king, Alex Jones, pieced together quite an interesting bit on how it appears the shooter, 21 year old Dylann Roof, was not the one who actually created his Facebook account. He points out how the account was only opened in May of 2015, the fact that he has less than 100 FB friends, whereas his peer group averages better than 600, and of how his profile picture seems to have come from a Google images media search.

These two above conspiracies make sense, as most conspiracies often do, but nothing trumps conjecture better than cold hard facts. With that said, we bring you a hard piece of evidence, below, which will be very difficult to explain once it makes its way out into the view of the masses.

The online watchdog group Operation Jade Helm And Beyond received quite an interesting, anonymous message recently, which included a screenshot of a tweet, appearing to have been sent out by law enforcement in Charleston. The tweet is in regard to the shooting, however, the tweet was sent 20 minutes before the shooting happened! 

Have a look for yourself:


Sounds familiar, right? Like when the newspapers in Europe were printing the news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination the day before he was killed?

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  • Larry

    No the time on tweet says 8:40

  • Kathy

    Don’t EVER under estimate this POS, he is gunning for the slightest disturbance to initiate Martial Law. Nothing surprises me any more.

    • Original Critic

      try not being a racist

      • joe7don

        Sure, why not. Was that supposed to have changed something?

      • AuGuR

        How is Kathy’s comment in any way racist?

  • jkb

    Oh, my, really? The time shown for the tweet is the time zone to which the device displaying the tweet is set; it is NOT the time zone from which the tweet was sent. If the person reading the tweet with the device is using the central time zone rather than the eastern time zone, then the time would be one hour off because 9:40 ET = 8:40 CT. Why don’t you get someone from the mountain or pacific time zones to show this, then it can look like it was tweeted 2-3 hours early. Now if someone in the eastern time zone uses their device set to that time zone to look at the tweet, it will show a time of 9:40.

    • Deborah Brown

      Yeah, we all know about the different time zones, I thought about that myself, but I’m just not sure how that works…we travel to TN every year & my phone automatically changes to central as soon as we cross that line…but don’t think that it would affect the time on the tweet.

    • Valerie Evans

      NOPE I am in MD which is the Same time zone as SC and the timestamp says 6:40 for me..

      • TacticalYoda

        So,NOW the tweet was sent out 2 hours and 40 minutes before the incident? Actually, I think you just helped prove jkb’s point. Thanks for playing along

  • SamJS

    I just went to Twitter to see if the original Tweet was still up to verify the time and date. Strange that the one there now says it was posted at 6:40 PM, 2 hours and 20 minutes before the shooting, not 8:40 like yours says. Could it have been changed to create confusion.

    • INTJustice

      I know the original tweet is up, I just checked! It says “6:40 PM – 17 Jun 2015 from South Carolina, USA” and no, I don’t have a time machine. Just happen to live in the Aloha state where we are 5 hours behind on standard time.

      • Deborah Brown

        Even with the difference in hours in Hawaii, that still wouldn’t make up for the change. This has just not been my day…who knows what to think now?

  • David Nance

    Two Words – Sandy Hook

    • Guitarzan

      4 words_Alex Jones is nuts…

      • David Nance

        You got that right.

  • Johmn

    The story is going to be turned around to say now he got the gun, even though it was mentioned his father gave it to him.

  • VicDog

    Another garbage conspiracy theory.

    • Carl

      No it is not VicDog. I am a permanent Consultant to the top secret Government Conspiracy Board. We worked on this for months before talking a crazed kid into pulling it off for us so that we would look clean in the event that we were caught.

      • Deborah Brown

        And Carl, I am a F÷#king rocket scientist. Do you really think anyone out here is stupid enough to believe your bullshi+???

        • Carl

          I got the attention of a rocket scientist. That must make me a genius

          • TheStreisandEffect

            You are. These people simply can’t comprehend your genius. In fact, there seems to be a lot these people can’t comprehend.

      • Brenda Stanbery

        carl, its people like you that scare the hell out of me. you my friend need some help. what is so scary is that there are so many people like you walking around. get some help buddy!

        • Carl

          First of all I am not your buddy or your friend ever heard of the First Amendment Idiot?

  • Jack Caudill

    Interesting about the time zones, but it seems more likely the person who has the tweet account would be local to the police department. Unlikely someone follows random cities PD.

  • Carl

    This is correct. I served as a consultant on the Government Orchestration Board.

  • Barack Tyrannus Obama

    The Charleston, South Carolina P.D. does not seem to have their own twitter account. That begs the question “Who is maintaining this account?”

  • Barack Tyrannus Obama

    Viewing this tweet from an Eastern Time Zone shows a 6:40 tweet time. That would mean the original tweet was generated from the Pacific Time Zone. Now why would the Charleston, South Carolina Police Department have their tweets being generated from there, hmmm…? Also, the official Charleston, South Carolina Police Department website only mentions following them on Facebook, nothing on Twitter for what it’s worth…

  • madmemere

    Several things have come to light, over the past 24 hours, but I’ve lost the link to the video; if I can find it, I’ll copy and paste it below. It appears this shooting took place “in the middle of a live, active-shooter drill” and that is “why” the FBI was on scene, immediately following the church massacre??? Gee, does that remind anyone of the Boston Marathon bombing, or the “alleged” Sandy Hook school massacre? And after each incident, do you notice how quickly (within 24 hours) obama/soetoro/sobarka grabs a mic and start yelling about “more gun control”? By the way, it’s been presented that Mr. Roof is, actually, Mr. Gras, who was a “child actor” and was a US Marine, from 2010 to 2013; he’s actually 33, not 21. Let me go look for that link!

    • madmemere

      Here is the link:…

    • Barack Tyrannus Obama

      ROOF IS NOT THE “CHILD ACTOR” FOR GOD’S SAKE. Keep your WELLAWARE1, ED CHIARINI stupid disinfo B.S. to yourself!

      • madmemere

        I gather you know him personally?? If not, keep your foul mouth shut- – You can publish what you find for the rest to read; I can also publish what I find. Perhaps neither one of us will be right, or, as it sometimes happens, we might both be right. It would be “nice”, when opinions differ, if all parties could at lest remain “civil”. Perhaps you have no concept of “civility”; try it , you might like it.

  • Lorne Murraine

    I’m just amazed by the level of ignorance some of us have risen to, just to score cheap political points. Especially you so called conservative and liberal. Chill with the unnecessary propaganda and get the facts.

  • Peter

    Okay … not quite even interesting. So any other poorly imagined Republican false news or far-fetched conspiracy theories today?

  • I certainly do not put anything past the criminal Kenyan Muslim Queer, Obama. He has proved himself to be a Tyrant too many times! Best day will be when his Obituary goes to print, and hopefully, that will not be a False Flag!

    • TheStreisandEffect

      Are you a real person? I feel the conflict within you! Let go of your hate!

  • Michael Saint Clair

    If you all would just wake up and pay attention, you would see the connection between all mass shootings and recent “isolated” incidents. It’s all a ploy to turn races against each other as well as take guns out of the hands of Americans so the DHS can finally infiltrate the country and bring us to a military state which is their ultimate goal. But it’s ok, keep being sheep. You guys are good at it. After all, you honestly believe that 911 was perpetrated by al quaeda lol. It’s just sad.

  • noone you know

    Go to fucking Twitter and check it yourself damn. Real shit. This was posted before it happened.