This Mega Bike Park Is Being Built Ten Stories Underground!

underground bike park

In recent years, communities across the country have been getting creative in what to do with left behind coal mines and strips in their communities. They’ve built everything from golf courses after mining companies have come through and practiced ‘mountain top removal,’ and now, in Louisville, Kentucky, they are being even more creative. The folks in Louisville have taken an old mining shaft, ten stories underground, and turned it into a mega bike park!

The bike park will actually take riders 100 feet beneath the earth’s surface where they’ll find between 8 and 9 miles worth of biking terrain, suitable for all levels, thus making it the largest bike park in the United States.

There is a ‘soft’ opening for folks with reservations in mid-February, but the grand opening for all comers is scheduled for some time in March.

So what do you think? Would you bike ten stories underground? Let us know your thoughts at our Consciously Enlightened Facebook page!

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