This Mailman Paid It Forward In A Big Way For This Young Boy!



Ron Lynch, a mailman in Salt Lake City, did something remarkable for a 12 year old boy who had only asked him for junk mail.  According to Huffington Post, Matthew Flores loves to read and asked his mailman if he could have some junk mail.  Lynch asked him why he wanted the junk mail, then detailed his conversation with the boy in a Facebook post:

“Facebook friends…  This is Matthew Flores. Today while delivering mail to his apartment complex, I saw him reading ads, and then he asked me if I had any extra mail he could read. He told me his wish is to have books to read. I told him the library had many, but he said they don’t have a car, and couldn’t afford the bus. So… let’s get this 12 year old some books! Let’s help him. I was given many books as a child, and it’s time to help someone else! Please share and let’s get him tons of reading material! Most kids his age want electronics! It’s great to see his desire, and you should have seen him beam when I said I could help!

The post spread, per and books started arriving at Matthew’s door.  In fact, his doorbell has been ringing for days with books arriving from all over the world, including the U.K., Australia and India.  With a big smile, Matthew has promised to read every book, then share them with other children.


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