This Is What We Should ALL Be Paying Attention To Right Now! Trump The Democratic Plant!


Anyone think Trump is acting like a bit of and ass? The Megyn Kelly bashing is a little childish in my opinion. I like what Trump has to say.

He knows what this country needs. He also knows what the American people want. Anyone think he may be blowing smoke? He could easily ruin this election for Republicans. If he runs on his own, it will divide Republican voters, allowing all democratic votes for a single democratic candidate.

The fact is, Trump was until recently a Democrat. Not saying this is the case now, but it is a possibility we should all take into consideration. I have to wonder why a professional business man like Trump would act so unprofessional in such an important election.

by Scott Michaelis

  • bet michael

    Mr Bill is using Mr Trump and both arte idiotsa nd need to be in Jail, Trump said only Bankers got hurt when he went bankrupt but what about small investors that had those bank stocks in there 401ks