This Is What The U.S. Needs!!! Term Limits for US Congress!!!



It’s so easy to get caught up in the media hype over presidential nominations. Each nominee is spouting off the huge changes that he or she will make if elected and foolishly we get sucked into believing their false promises.

In the sensationalism of the moment, we often forget that a president does not write legislation. The president is the administrator for the legislation passed by Congress! It’s within the halls of Congress that the fate of our nation is decided and due to the corruption and big money, 9 out of 10 Americans have NO VOICE in what is decided.

When a president goes bad, we always have the relief of knowing that there is a limited time before he is gone. The true root of our problem lies in the fact that those writing the legislation; those being bought off by the corporations and special interest groups; those who have become so disconnected and dysfunctional; are left with an unlimited ability to remain in power for life.

Between the power of the polarized parties and the mountains of money that lobbyists throw at their campaigns to keep them in office, they’ve broken the voting system.

The answer to our greatest problem isn’t who sits in the White House. The answer is to limit how long a politician can remain in Congress!

With the second option of Article 5, the people and the States can supersede the authority of Congress; adding a Term Limits Amendment to the Constitution; and Congress has no authority to stop it.
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