This Is How Trump Is REALLY Going To Piss Off The Establishment At The Convention!

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Donald Trump, aside from winning the hearts and minds of the silent majority in America, has ROYALLY pissed off the establishment. And not just the Republican establishment, but the entire political establishment.

For the first time since anyone reading this has been alive, former presidents (and we’re talking about the Bushes, here) REFUSE to endorse their party’s candidate for President. According to the Bush dynasty way of thinking, since Trump won’t fall in line and do things the way the old guard expects it to be done, they will not show him their support. Not to mention he made baby Jeb look like a little bitch.

Trump has taken it all in stride and is continuing to play tit for tat. He announced at his recent rally in Richmond, Virginia, which by the way, did not see the violence associated with protesters that was seen in San Jose, California afterward, being that Richmond is in the south and the lily footed communists knew they’d get their asses handed to them by Southerners should they attempt to get violent, Trump announced some plans for the upcoming Republican convention that is REALLY going to piss off the Republican establishment further.

Media outlet reports:

Trump's convention plan

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