This Is How The Government Is Planning To Kill YOU!!! George Green Elite Insider!


As I write this, the depopulation plan is in full motion. The plan is to murder 5 Billion people from the Earth. Some of the ways this is happening is, we are constantly being inundated with poisons forced on us through GMO foods, pharmaceuticals, a fluoridated water supply, microwave radiation, and chem-trails.

The “problem” is that their plan is not working fast enough to fit their needs. The world keeps telling us of all of the potential disasters that are coming our way; asteroids, comets, Nibiru (Planet X), earthquakes and tidal waves with massive flooding. This has been done to confuse the mass population and allow the government to do as it pleases.

Aryan astronomers are searching the skies right now, looking to find any kind of asteroid to redirect to hit the earth to bring this upon us. Once this has happened, it will cause so much damage to the earth. This is called a nuclear winter. The dust created from this collision will black out the sun for the better part of a year. The elite will not have to deal with it as they have built massive complexes in mountains or under the earth to live in for at least the next year as things settle back to normal. They have food storage and water already set aside.

One example of this was built atĀ Mount Weather, Virginia. The meaningful “government” of the United States has builtĀ  an underground city that can hold as many as 10,000 people. So as you can see, the elite are looking out for themselves again while killing off the common people of earth. The videos below goes into more detail.

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  • ScarletRainbow1

    I’d be happy to take my own life….if insurance companies would pay off on my policy. Since they won’t, I’m stuck in this screwed-up world, and you’re stuck with me.

  • David Kirk

    what someone is trying to tell you…phony…it would take an armed forces and police that are all muslim leaning men and women…not happening…. Fortunately…