This Is How Jennifer Lopez Is Risking Everything To Defy Obama!

j lo

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is risking her entire career in a defiant stance against U.S. President Hussein Obama. Hollywood is already blackballing her for her decision, but she’s going through with it anyway.

Hussein Obama has heightened his defiance against Israel lately, and his defiance couldn’t have been made more clearly than when he signed an agreement a few months back which will allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons with which they will attack Israel.

Pink Floyd’s front man, Roger Waters, has led a musician’s protest against Israel for years. He blames Israel for Palestine’s problems, and he’s convinced many popular performers NOT to perform in Israel.

J. Lo isn’t one of them!

She’s scheduled a concert for Tel Aviv this summer, and despite Hussein Obama pressuring her, despite Hollywood blackballing her, and despite mid-night toking, acid dropping Roger Waters trying to convince her to do otherwise, Jenny from the block is going to carry through with her plans to perform in Israel. She will not be harassed into NOT taking her skills and her passion to a wonderful people who seem to be the ONLY people in the Middle East who really want peace.

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  • Jamison Frances

    I am so proud of you, Ms. Lopez! May G-d bless you for your courage!

  • RM

    God bless her..Maybe she will see which side will really back her ,,It sure isnt hollywood liberals for sure..and never will be.

  • scotty g

    How come Hollywood gets to do all this “blackballing”? Why not the other way around and blackball Hollywood?

    • alwaysconservative

      You can. Just don’t got to their movies, or buy their music. Hit what they ultimately believe in the most….their pocketbook.

    • Dede Vidal

      I don’t get it either. I thought most of Hollywood’s moguls are Jewish…why would they blackball her? That doesn’t make any sense :)

      • Thom*

        Why do American Jews vote democrat?

    • ATTPIAinFL

      We regularly blackball Hottywood by NOT going to their trashy, violent films. They bitch & moan about forcing “gun control” onto law abiding, American citizens then make MORE films using unlimited explosives, violence and profanity. Hottywood has contributed MORE to America’s deterioration than even Wall Street greedy money mongers. Only congress, the supremes & potus have inflicted more damage to our United States than Hottywood.

    • Fed Up

      Hey alot of us are trying. Don’t go to movies anymore, don’t watch Network TV, and basically havent for years. My way of blackballing is to deny them the money they need and want and looks like I am not the only one since box offices have been horrible this summer and for quite some time. Screw Hollywood and their thoughts that they can shove their views down my throat. They are all screwballs and thats why they want us to follow them in to hell.

  • Kyright

    Good for you.JLo.

  • Sheryl Bailiff

    I am with scotty g. there are plenty of good movies on cd, at the library, dollar store, garage sells, pawn shops, thrift stores…… CD players are cheap. How in the heck do these movie stars think they get money if no one goes to there movies or buys them new. It is worth the sacrifice to me. The only movie I have gpne to see and bought it as well was ” AMERICAN SNIPER” and It was worth it. I am sick of these idiots hanging out at the White House, thinking they are so wonderful,while our country is falling apart.

  • airforcebratt

    Godspeed J-Lo!

  • “The Eastern Diamondback”

    Supporting Israel and a America with dignity and honor is PROPER! I’m proud of you!

    As you see “Justice for all” means “for some”.

  • Mario Astudillo Cabrera

    She’s standing on the right side of history, God bless her

  • Lois Stricker

    there has NEVER been a country of Palestine, Palestine’s problem roots in the act of blowing up their own children with explosives

  • Carrie Barton

    WTG JLo We have your back

  • Dede Vidal

    Hussein. The last time I checked the President of the USA is BARACK OBAMA, not Hussein. For what I understand, Hussein died a while back ;)

    • Eduardo Murho

      middle name to us. he dropped it after becoming president (sort of) , he wanted to take away the stigma of his muslim religion back ground.

  • Fergus O’Byrne

    She’ll suicide soon, you watch…

  • Mary Gerelene Dominici


  • kay

    good for Jennifer,shame on hollywood liberals and obamo anyone against Israel is against God’s people and he will deal with them

  • Eduardo Murho

    we could boycott them. I don’t know if I remember right or not; so correct me if im wrong. isn’t J-LO the goodwill ambassador of the world voted by UN or something like that? We (as a whole/people) should always back our allies. IMHO: much of this is due to lack of religion, meaning those who don’t believe H8 Israel.

  • William Heintz

    Fuck Israel, Roger Waters is a legend.

  • James Livingston

    Thank you young Lady!

  • ‘Johan Van Zyl’

    Well done J-lo for standing up what you believe in
    I will always be a fan

  • Dr. RightWing

    Funny how some aging celebs start to realize the way the Left and Hollywood have used them as tools and mouthpieces. But once they start thinking for themselves, they’d better already be rich, b/c it may be crickets for awhile.

  • Sallie Hayes-williams

    Why is the POTUS being referred to by his middle name?
    Those who respect his position as the President realize this is a subtle case of “Shade”!

  • Merrilyn Cooper

    Well done Jennifer, in a world gone mad, have people forgotten the holocaust, have they forgotten that there is no such thing Palestinian land, I stand with Israel

    • Maidos Laventie


  • Wanda Harker Smith

    OH REALLY??? She IS ILLUMINATI just like Obummer.

  • candyman49

    Good for Her, screw the hollywood libtards and Roger Waters, He hasn’t been with Pink Floyd for years

  • jackied

    Blackballing in Hollywood is not new. They did the same thing to actors during the McCarthy era. Right now everything is a repeat performance e from 50 and 60s. Some of the players are even the same. UGH

  • William John Howe

    Love this lady!

  • Sugarmamma

    You go Jennifer Lopez, that is your right. They are good people and they deserve this.

  • A6768NAMVET

    YOU GO JLo!!!

  • TL Rogers

    Thank you, J Lo. The American people love you for what you have done. I for one can not understand why this evil (thing) has not been impeached yesterday…. Don’t WE the people have that power, does not the Congress see what he’s been doing….

  • SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    Too many assholes in Hollywood. Jennifer, do the right thing and perform in Israel. Israel is a friend but our Politically Incorrect Government officials are too stupid to see this.

  • flip j


  • Louw Roos

    Lol, i hope she wears a black bag…. otherwise…. with her bikini performances, she might get shot haha

  • hiphop

    God Bless Her, The people of Israel are the only people in the middle east that want peace. The Palestine’s have to blame everyone else for this problems, instead of looking at themselves to see that they are the true cause of their problems.. They teach their children hate from the time they are born, they are terrorist.

  • Thom*

    she just got twice as good looking as she was a couple minutes ago!!!


    KUDOS to her!!
    the present leader of the USA is little more than a limp wristed muslim with no backbone.
    I shall keep Lady Jennifer Lopez in my prayers for safety. YOU GO GIRL!! :-)

  • Dale

    I just gained great respect for J-Lo

  • Joe Adam-Smith

    Roger Waters tried to persuade Alan Parsons Project from performing: Also, Roger Waters is NOT now part of Pink Floyd – they parted on acrimonious terms….

  • Larry Hanson

    Ms. Lopez. Once again you’ve taken this entire country by surprise with your outstanding talent and courage. It is encouraging to know that a few of the “rich and famous” are actually down-to-earth regular people who have the courage and common sense to speak their mind despite the evil opposition. You go, girl! There are millions of us right beside you!