This Is How A 22 Year Old Gamer Threw The ULTIMATE Temper Tantrum When His Dad Took Away His Game Station!

Computer Game Nut Burns Himself To Death After Dad Tells Him To Stop

I’ve heard of kids having temper tantrums when their parents tell them to stop doing something they are doing, or tell them they cannot do something they want to do, but this story takes the cake in all things temper tantrum. First of all, the ‘kid’ was 22 years old, and he threw the ultimate and last temper tantrum of his life, by burning himself alive, all because his father told him to stop playing video games and go to bed.

From Daily Mail:

A video game addict burned himself to death after being ‘tipped over the edge’ when his father told him to stop playing and get more sleep.

Online games fan Hsueh Jun-Chen, 22, had been in his room at his family home in the town of Fenyuan in western Taiwan when father Liu, 48, knocked on his door and told him to go to sleep.

The two then exchanged heated words and the father told his son he was fed up with his gaming and wanted him to stop.

But the next day he realised Hsueh was missing and when he went outside to look for him, he found the boy’s charred remains 300 metres away – with empty bottles of petrol lying nearby.

Devastated Liu said: ‘I had simply said that he should sleep rather than play because university was starting again after the holidays.

Computer Game Nut Burns Himself To Death After Dad Tells Him To Stop

‘He said he would and that’s the last time I saw him alive.

‘When I saw that he wasn’t in his room the next day, I went into the garage to see if he had gone out on his motorbike.

‘The bike was still there but I noticed that two cans of petrol were missing.

‘That made me feel worried and I began to fear the worst.

‘I could never have thought he would do something as extreme as this though.’

Stunned friends and staff at the Chienkuo University of Technology where Hsueh studied expressed their shock after hearing the tragic news.

Teacher Li Hong said: ‘I’m very, very surprised. He was such a bright boy; very smart, always did well in class. This is very sad and very unexpected.’

One of his friends, On Feng, 22, said: ‘I am speechless.I knew he liked playing games, we often did it online together, and I knew he often stayed up late, but I just can’t comprehend this.’

A police spokesman said: ‘We are continuing our investigations but it seems that the pressure of his studies and finding a job after graduation may have been a factor and his father telling him to stop playing on the computer may have tipped him over the edge.’

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