This Home Depot Totally Disrespected A Vet So Let’s Stop Shopping There!

home depot

If you go to the website Guardian of Valor (which you can do by clicking on the hyperlinked words), you’ll see that veterans and active and former service members are awarded a ten percent discount up to a maximum of $500.00 per visit in savings when they choose to shop at Home Depot. ┬áThis is Home Depot’s way of saying “thank you for your service.”

Explain then, why the store manager of Home Depot in Spokane, Washington refused to give a veteran his discount this week, stating basically, because he just didn’t want to?

Here’s the story, sent in by a very patriotic American:

home depot sucks dick

So people, if you’re in the Spokane area, and you need home building supplies, please go to Lowe’s.

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  • Heather Hess

    I would just like to point out in only 4 years Home Depot has donated 6.5 Million dollars to help fix and rebuild homes for vets this does not include all the hours donated by its employees to do the repairs. People need to stop blowing up one incident and trying to make a company look bad without knowing facts first.

    • kktex12

      This is atypical of a liberal. Don’t call anyone out for disrespecting those who have paid and are paying for the freedoms that imbeciles like you enjoy! By the way, why is it home depot rolled over for the pagan moon god worshiping cult of islam??

      • Heather Hess

        Well I’m not a liberal to start with I was just stating a point. Also home depot doesn’t do anything for any pegan religions or any religion for that fact. They allow their employees to believe and practice whatever they want. U are obviously an angry person who speaks without knowing your fact either. I didn’t insult u or anybody else. I have a long line of military family and friends. The people who have and will serve my country have all of my support and utmost respect. I simply find it sad somebody would insult an entire company and its employees for what one person’s experienced when this company has done so much for our vets.

    • Turdy Gurdy

      you mean like how YOU don’t know all the facts about how prevalent this problem REALLY is?
      same thing happened to me in arkansas home depot.
      they said my va id card didn’t qualify because it didn’t say “qualified” on it!!
      they refuse to elaborate what they’re talking about. got the same id card i’ve had for years,
      been using it for several years at home depot and lowes.
      all of a sudden i’m not a “qualified” veteran at home depot!!
      you’re commenting on something you know nothing about !!
      ….or maybe you know more than we think…..hmmm….

      • Heather Hess

        I do know more you think I have worked for this company for over 7 years. At no point is any store required to give anybody a discount however home depot greatly respect our vets. They do require an form of ID that says service connected. It is store policy however no vet should ever feel disrespect or unimportant over a discount and those associates who do this do not represent the company as a whole or how they feel about our hero’s who protect and serve us. I hope that helps