This HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Fried Chicken Chain Has Al Sharpton Blowing His Top!


Al Sharpton is livid over what he considers to be a disrespectful, blatantly racist fried chicken restaurant chain that is making money hand over fist! He claims the concept is also racist! Racist as pure white, newly driven snow on Christmas day!

The name of the chain is Obama Fried Chicken. And unfortunately for Mr. Sharpton, it’s located in China. So he can’t really sue through the NAACP, organize marches to burn down the shops in various cities who house branches of the restaurant chain, or in any other way profit from the issue.

If Mr. Sharpton REALLY knew anything about different cultures, he’d know that in Asia- all of Asia, not just China- the concept of political correctness and racial tolerance does not exist. In Asian nations, if you are not their ethnicity, you are less than human, equivalent to a dog. Even if you are an Asian visiting another Asian nation, if you are not their particular brand of Asian, you are a dog. So if Sharpton thinks anyone in Asia gives two rat turds about how he feels that Hussein Obama is being mocked with the new fried chicken chain, he needs to understand that all people around the world are NOT the same. If he really wants to find out what racism is, he should go to Asia, where he’ll be approached on the street and called a “dog” by random strangers and laughed at by witnesses when he shows offense. And should he retaliate with words or deed? They’ll throw him under the jail and toss away the key.

Hey! Who wants to buy  a plane ticket to Asia for Sharpton?


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