This Dumb Thug Just Took The Lead For This Year’s Darwin Award

dumb thug

The dumb thug you are looking at above is seventeen year old Jason Donte Hayes. He lives in Providence Township, PA, and he’s off with a HUGE early lead for this year’s Darwin award. It will take someone extremely stupid to beat him for the rest of the year.

Young Mr. Hayes broke into his former landlady’s home recently. She is a seventy year old woman, and since it was 3 a.m. at the time of the break-in, she was in bed, fast asleep with her husband. Young Mr. Hayes woke her up by tapping her on the shoulder with his gun (that we’re sure was registered, right?). After she woke up, he made her drive him to the ATM and demanded she withdrawal $2000 and give it to him.

Her ATM, like most banks, had a $400 daily limit, so she took that out and gave it to him. He told her to go to the bank the next day and take out the rest and to meet him at a certain location at a certain time. He told her he’d be dressed the exact same way as he was then.

The older woman called the cops, of course, and reported the incident, and the next day, two plain clothes police officers were waiting at the spot, and sure enough, young Mr. Hayes showed up just like he said he would, and he ended up getting arrested.

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