They Followed Their Daughter’s Horrific Screams Only To Find This Had Been Done To Her!


daughter screaming

Smiles-R-Us in Carrollton, Ga. has been exposed as using this medieval torture device to immobilize children during complicated procedures.  Most vendors of these devices claim they are perfectly safe and prevent children from hurting themselves during operations, but some also state that they can leave lasting mental health questions.  While personally I find that knocking them out would probably serve the immobilization purpose without leaving them scarred for life about restraints, I am left wondering if parents are consulted about this stuff?


Apparently, in this case they were… and were not.  Somewhere in the fine print the parents missed the part about the use of this device.  It wasn’t until they heard their child screaming for them that they realized what was really going on.  Watch the following video to see why children hate these devices…

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  • Chelsea Collins

    Question who the hell was video taping?

  • Carol Walters

    That child is screaming in pain and fear. This jackass dentist should have stopped and tried to calm the child He needs his license revoked. We have pediatric dentists locally and you never see this kind of thing going on. He is lucky the parents didn’t get a hold of him. He might be missing a few teeth of his own.

  • Lacey Burleson

    fyi, this is what they do to newborn boys for circumcisions. and they have to stay like that for 10 or so minutes while the skin “loosens up” in many types of circs.

  • Linda Prince Johnson

    It’s ridiculous to use the dentist’s ethnicity as a reason for his crimes. Face it, every ethnicity and religion has evil people.

  • james

    When my oldesr daughter was two, back in ’84, she manged to topple over a heavy dining room chair. The arm of sais chair hit her on her forehead and extended down into the orbit of her eye, almost reaching her eyelid. They had to use a Papoose Board to stitch her up. She did not like it one bit. We were in the potty training process at the time and she screamed that she had to tee-tee. The ERDoc undid the straps and her Mother took her to the bathroom. When she got back, he put her back in it and she did same but he told her it only works once then stitched her up. He was very kind and patient. Allowed both her Mother to stay in room with her. She never screamed bloody murder. It was just something that HAD to be done and he did it all while speaking gently to her.